Spiritual Guidance: New patch 4.3 shadow priest gear

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Spiritual Guidance: New patch 4.3 shadow priest gear
Every week, WoW Insider brings you Spiritual Guidance for discipline, holy and shadow priests. On Wednesdays, shadow priesting expert Fox Van Allen comes from out of the shadows to bask in your loving adoration.

Gear. It makes the world go round. And though we like to say that we mess around in heroics and raids for the thrill of victory, let's face it -- if we didn't get those shiny new purples, we wouldn't obsess over victory so much.

If such virtual treasure fuels you, today's column is for you. Whether you prefer to run the new 5-man heroics, mess around in the Raid Finder, or even just shop around on the Auction House, there's some terrific new gear out there.

Stat weights stay level

For the most part, stat weightings are going to be unchanged from patch 4.2 to the current patch 4.3. This is because there were no real changes to shadow priest mechanics. The only change to shadow priests in 4.3 is an increase in the stats on new gear and our two-piece and four-piece tier bonus.

Hot new 5-man gear

Everything in the new instances is ilevel 378, putting it on par with the gear that drops in Firelands normal modes. You won't be able to find gear for every slot, but you can fill the rest of those slots with i378s using the justice points.

  • Jaina's Staff, a two-handed staff with crit and mastery, drops off Echo of Jaina in End Time.
  • Stalk of Corruption, a two-handed staff with haste and mastery, drops off Archbishop Benedictus in HoT.
  • Fanged Tentacle, a one-handed dagger with hit and crit, also drops off Archbishop Benedictus.
  • Scepter of Azshara, a one-handed mace with spirit and crit, drops off Queen Azshara in the Well of Eternity.
Off-hand Head
Shoulders Back Chest Waist
  • Chillbane Belt, a waist piece with hit and mastery, drops off Arcurion in HoT.
Legs Feet Rings
  • Horned Band, a ring with haste and crit, drops off Peroth'arn in WoE.
Trinkets The best pieces in the new 5-mans are the ones with haste or mastery -- preferably both, like the Stalk of Corruption. With reforging, though, you can take just about any of these pieces of gear and make it a good fit. Just remember your priority: Reforge crit and any unneeded hit/spirit to haste (or, failing that, mastery).

New raid-level gear

All of the following gear is found in the new Dragon Soul raid. People who use the Raid Finder will be getting i384 gear, slightly better than most Firelands gear and on par with the stuff that drop from Ragnaros. The regular version of the raid drops i397 versions; the heroic version drops i410.

A large number of slots only have one option for cloth wearers. That makes gearing a lot easier -- how can you choose incorrectly when there's no choice to be had? -- but disappoints the old Fox, who used to love sifting through gear lists.

Even though your choices are limited, don't worry too much if you have trouble scoring one of these drops from your usual raid group. You'll have two shots a week at all this gear if you choose to use the Raid Finder tool. And further, you'll be able to buy gear with the valor points you earn.

Your best-in-slot pieces are in bold below. (It's too early to theorycraft the Deathwing weapons.) Note that a non-bolded piece with a higher item level is likely a better choice than a bolded piece of a lower item level.

Off-hand Wand Head
  • Crown of the Corrupted Conqueror, our T13 token, drops off Warmaster Blackhorn.
  • Soulgaze Crown, with spirit and mastery, costs 2,200 VP.
  • Hood of Hidden Flesh, with crit and hit, costs 2,200 VP.
Neck Shoulders
  • Mosswrought Shoulderguards, with crit and haste, drops off Morchok.
  • Shoulders of the Corrupted Conqueror, our T13 token, drops off Hagara.
Chest Wrist Hands Waist Legs
  • Leggings of the Corrupted Champion, our T13 token, drops off Yor'sahj.
  • Lavaquake Legwraps, with hit and haste, are a crafted BoE.
  • World Mender's Pants, with spirit and mastery, are a crafted BoE.
Feet Rings Trinkets Generally, an item with a higher ilevel is going to be stronger than one with a lower item level, regardless of secondary stats. (It's not true 100% of the time, but it's a good rule of thumb.)

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