The Queue: I will not

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Between Thrall's downright Alucardian delivery of that line, Tyrande's exotic new accent, Murozond's "I did not know!" and Illidan's "Strike in an area!," 4.3 is a treasure trove of unintentionally hilarious lines.

Slim1256 asked:

In End Time last night, our pally tank was doing ridonculous DPS - typically 2nd or 3rd on the meters, in a competent guild group with decent gear. However, when we moved on to Well of Eternity, the tank's DPS dropped to a more normal level.

Is there a buff for tanks in End Time that I missed? Was it an anomaly? Did the slight Ret pally buffs really make that big a difference for Prot pallys?

If you guys fought Baine, it's possible that your tank was affected by Molten Fists, the buff that you get from being in the lava during the Baine encounter. My rogue was pulling insane DPS in that fight, thanks to that buff.

And Murozond, well ... Murozond lets you use all the cooldowns you want, basically. I can't recall off hand what DPS cooldowns non-ret paladins have available to them, but he could have been popping them.

trefpoid asked:

Since we already have a neutral race, maybe Ethereals would like to join our factions for potential profit. That would be so sweet, that race is just badass.

I doubt it; ethereals have a well-known dislike of goblins.

Infinity266 asked:

I have a question about the rogue legendary dagger quest. Can you pick pocket the Cryptomancer's Decoder Ring from LFR? I know the Shadowy Gems for the second set of daggers only drop in normal and heroic so LFR is no help there. We only raid 1-2 nights a week and we are still running FL10 to get our first legendary staff done. It may be a few weeks before I get to the 4th boss in DS and I wanted to try and get a head start with LFR.

None of the items necessary to progress in the Fangs of the Father quest line will drop in Raid Finder.

s1natsuns3t asked:

I can't roll need on Chaos Orbs after the patch for my tailor, even though he needs them to make the Destruction recipe for Dreamcloth. What's up with that?

You can, if your group is premade with five people. If any spots in the group were filled by the Dungeon Finder, greed is the only roll option.

Thander asked:

Any chance for a new commenting system on WoW Insider? One where "remember me" actually works?

Yes. We'll be rolling out a new system soon. This one sucks. It's horrible. We hate it. You hate it. We're getting rid of it.

Ahmedjabar123 asked:

On the topic of voice actors, do Nozdormu and Murozond sound a bit like Martin Sheen to anyone? Think Illusive Man from Mass Effect 2.

I did not know!

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