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It's late (early?) and I'm tired, so I'm just using Fox's WRUP header for today's Queue header. Deal with it.

jaymccowan13 asked:

On top of Wyrmrest Temple, why is Kalecgos the only one without a title in his name?

Normally, one gets a title from doing something of note, and Kalecgos hasn't done much yet as Aspect of Magic. Nor will he apparently have the opportunity to! Womp, womp.

Vacasta asked:

Generally, what's better? A tier set or a set you can put together from boss drops? Or is this too broad of a question?

Blizzard wants you to be motivated to wear tier sets, and it does that by offering set bonuses that make wearing a set more powerful than wearing a collection of non-set gear. There may be some cases where a non-set piece may provide better stats than a set piece does, and that's why there are five pieces in a set but the bonuses stop at four. Flexibility!

Boomboommoo asked:

i was running with someone today that had the t13 helm, 384 version, i was wondering how that was possible because that wing isn't open yet(drops off the 6th boss)

Raid Finder bosses all have a chance at dropping each of the tier pieces.

Jwebbed asked:

You guys ever consider forums?

Oh, boy, I hope not.

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