Swisscom slip-up hints at Nokia Lumia 900 coming end of February (updated)

Is the Lumia 900 a real device or an Arctic mirage? We've seen clues that Espoo might be working on a bigger Windows Phone to complement the Lumia 800 and 710, to the point where the strange Twitter conversation above doesn't strike us as totally surprising. A customer named Xavier Hahn tweeted support staff at Swiss operator Swisscom, to ask about a timeline for the "Nokia Lumia 800 or 900." Apparently forgetting that the 900 is an unknown and unannounced device, Swisscom responded that the 800 is expected on its shelves by the end of January, and the 900 at the "end of Feb." Of course, this could be a genuine mistake rather than a leak, and when we asked Nokia about it, its spokesperson refused to comment on "market rumor or speculation." Nevertheless, this little episode surely deserves to be filed away in our burgeoning Nokia 900 evidence cabinet.

Update: Swisscom staff tweeted again saying that they made a mistake: the Nokia 710 is coming at the end of February and they've actually never heard of the 900. We're still keeping the cabinet though, even if this particular snippet has to be filed somewhere else.