The Queue: Post-Winter Veil recovery

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Today's edition of The Queue is going to be another short one. Right on the heels of the holiday, there weren't a whole lot of questions to work with. But that means all of you will ask plenty of wonderful questions today so we can get back on track tomorrow, right? Right!

beruchan13 asked:

don't you think there's just too many red gem slots in the new tier of gear? I understand red slots make gear feel more powerful, but red slots are also for almost every class, with maybe the exception of tanks, the most boring slot since there's no choice to be made, your primary stat goes there, period. With so many red slots it starts to feel like a gold sink rather than an upgrade, as well as driving the price of red gems up the roof.

The color of the slot doesn't matter much when reds are the best for almost everybody across the board anyway. Even if the slots were different colors, people would still fill them up with red gems. They might as well have no colors in the slots. I feel that Blizzard needs to stop and seriously rethink how it wants jewelcrafting and item customization in general to work, because this whole red gems are priceless, other colors are useless thing isn't fun or compelling for anybody. Except maybe the people getting rich off of selling red gems.

I feel that you're exactly right about gems being a gold sink rather than being part of your upgrades. If there are no decisions to be made when it comes to jewelcrafting and all everybody is going to do is stick the same gem in every slot ... the profession is a punishment for getting new gear. Getting upgrades doesn't feel good.

Necromann asked:

Isn't Deathwing's humanoid form used for a quest in Twilight Highlands?

Nope! Back in the Cataclysm beta, he appeared in his humanoid form for one single quest, but that was changed. He remains a dragon throughout those quests now.

Untopbubble asked:

A lot of the reason I have continued to play WoW is achievements. However I have also started leveling alts to try different classes. My biggest issue is that I love pvp as a holy pally but can't seem to get anything done as ret. This leaves a lot of the pvp battleground achievements out of reach. Is there hope that account wide achievements will allow me to grab those as a hunter, warr, etc? I just hit the 9000 mark the other day and would love to keep going but get discouraged about the thought. Any ideas?

What achievements in particular are you having trouble with as a holy paladin? Outside of holiday achievements, there aren't any PvP achievements that require killing blows, as mentioned by others in the comments yesterday. You can accrue honorable kills just by being a part of the action, damage or healing.

Edit: I was wrong. Wrecking Ball requires killing blows. Holy Shock, yay?

Kingofnot asked:

What's up with thos goblins in Area 52 with classic item sets for sale that they won't actually sell?

There's actually an achievement/feat of strength requirement for those, though it isn't made completely clear. Those items are limited to those who earned them legit back in classic World of Warcraft.

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