The Queue: Big bugs

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

No, not ... not that kind of bug. The other kind.

Rhuarc asked:

Quick question for readers and writers of the Queue... What's your favorite (harmless/non-game-breaking) bug in game? I'm talking about the silly little bugs that have no effect at all on the game itself, but manage to elicit a chuckle or even a full on "lol" from you when they happen?

Honestly, my favorite bug isn't recent at all, and I'm not even sure it exists anymore. It's from launch-era WoW, and it went a little something like this: If you jammed on your strafe keys, moving back and forth mostly in place, you could get your character to stay in one frame of their strafing animation while you moved, and it persisted until you jumped. You could slide around the room like you were ice skating. It was fun. I think it was client-side only, so nearby adventurers couldn't see it, but I could, and it was fun.

My second-favorite bug is easily, easily the Booty Bay Death Grip Wormhole.

kulhanek.jeff asked:

I've been having a great time in the raid finder, and I am first to admit I had my doubts about it working. Has there ever been a feature that was more ridiculed and ended up being a huge success in WoW?

Probably the Dungeon Finder. I don't think people really understood how horrible trying to put an instance group together was prior to Dungeon Finder. Some people still don't understand (although a few nights of TOR might remind them!).

No one uses Voice Chat, so I think we can count that feature out!

Tanddori asked:

Just to assuage my doubts, my co-tank in LFR Ultraxion last night insisted that he needed to stay out and eat Hour of Twilight, to not wipe the raid.

Now, I'm 99.9% sure that mechanic is non-existent in LFR and that everyone should push their fancy extra button for Hour of Twilight.

I explained to him as such, and he raged on me in raid chat, then proceeded to drop mid-fight wiping us. Class act, I know.

Someone tell me that I was right? Please? Anyone?

There's no auto-wipe mechanic for Hour of Twilight in Raid Finder mode. Everybody, including tanks, should hit the button. A tank can choose to survive Hour of Twilight with a cooldown (or without one, really), but it's really unnecessary -- ol' 'Traxy doesn't melee during the cast, and everyone gets pulled back into the Twilight Realm when the cast is over. You'll still want to taunt when that happens, mind you.

Coville asked:

Grear Roll question: If I am wearing gear, like the current tier gloves, and the token drops again.... why can I still roll need on it?

Loot roll should remove the need option if you are currently wearing the gear from that token. This would remove a lot of issue with spreading out gear in LFR and current raids.

Blizzard reps have indicated that this is something they're looking into. No definite word yet, though.

Trifla asked:

Q4TQ; Generally I like the class restriction on the LFR items, but why can't Shaman and Paladins roll on the healing off hands? My Paladin is especially feeling the bad RNG on the shield as she can't even use staves

I'm not Blizzard, but my educated guess is this: Priests, mages, and warlocks cannot use shields, so they'd be screwed out of off-hand drops twice as much if shaman and paladins could also roll on off-hand items.

MrJak asked:

Why do I enjoy LFR so much? Is it because the Lore is awesome, and as a "casual" I can go in and meet and defeat the final boss? Is it because, even though they are lesser iterations of the normal bosses, fighting them is heaps of fun?

I'm having the time of my life, sometimes I go in and do the fights just because! Screw the loot, mucking around with 24 other people and fighting towards a common goal = awesome.

Amen, dude.

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