The Queue: The League

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

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mtsadowski asked:

Why are all the Night Elf demon hunters blindfolded? I remember there was one in Nagrand and then there's Illidan. What's the deal with the blindfold?

Demon hunters blind themselves to gain access to spectral sight, which allows them to track demons, undead, and other baddies. If I remember correctly, Illidan's case is different, because as the first demon hunter, his eyes were actually burned out by Sargeras to gain the sight. Newer demon hunters perform a ritual that imitates the original action, though obviously not to as great an effect as Illidan.

eel5pe asked:

So I just had a fridge logic moment; I don't play horde so I was hoping someone who's played through Twilight Highlands as horde could answer this for me. Given that the Dragonmaw Clan basically enslaved and raped Alexstraza for the duration of the Second War, and the Red Dragonflight's prominent role in the zone, do we see her or her dragonflight bearing any emnity at all towards the Dragonmaw Clan and the Horde's subsequent acceptance of them? Is it not addressed, handwaved away, or perhaps something that redeems the clan in her eyes?

Like many, many other unforgivable atrocities perpetrated by various factions and individuals in-game (all Horde allies, coincidentally), it's hand-waved away due to "needing all the help we can get!" It's the same reason that orcs can freely walk around Hyjal and interact with Cenarius.

Unowitz asked:

I heard that they will be fixing the Raid Finder drops so that you can no longer win two of the same item from the same boss.

I assume that is for one raid lockout, as if when aboss drops two of the same item at the same time, you can't wind both. Right? Or are your prevented from getting future tokens if you already one the token from a previous lockout?

I hope or assume it's the first option....but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

It's only per boss. Winning your tier gloves from Morchok (or whoever) won't keep you from winning another pair on Yor'sahj (or whoever) this week or any boss next week.

Lennox asked:

I have a question. Do we have an idea how tall the Pandaren models are in relation to the other WoW races? I have heard everything from as large as a Tauren to Blood Elf size.

They're roughly the size of a male draenei.

nathan.kreps asked:

I find the lore for DS confusing. Maybe because I've never been able to breeze through a raid like this before (in LFR), so I was always too distracted by the whole killing bosses thing to ask questions but ... why are we diving into holes in the ground to kill two bosses that aren't in any way standing between us and Deathwing?

Well, your aim at Siege of Wyrmrest is to make sure that the Aspects can devote their time and energy to defeating Deathwing, and they can't do that if there's no Wyrmrest. You take down all the major threats to the temple, and then you go after D-Dub.

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