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Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

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Exogenesis asked:

I've started a new project, which involves sort of writing a story about my character's levelling process, from her eyes. I chose a draenei, due to a unique prospect, but I'm a little confused - in Ammen Vale, when you hand the blood elf plans to Vindicator Aldar, he says that the blood elves followed them there.

Followed them from where? Draenor? I thought blood elves didn't go there until after the draenei left?

Kael'thas and his blood elf followers were in Outland after the Third War; they went there with Illidan and Vashj. They took over Tempest Keep, which was the main draenei "ship," and began takeovers of Keep's four satellite ships (the Arcatraz, the Botanica, the Mechanar, and the Exodar). The draenei escaped Outland by flying the Exodar through the Twisting Nether, but blood elf saboteurs caused the ship to crash on Azeroth.

razion asked:

In Stratholme, the cultists and acolytes will yell, when a set are killed within a ziggurat, that an "Ash'ari Crystal has fallen!" And to try to re-summon it later on. I am curious if these crystals are unique to Stratholme, or if they are used in all ziggurats? Are they perhaps only unique to Spirit Towers?

I have yet to hear mention of these crystals outside Stratholme. What are the origins behind the Ash'ari Crystals? They are summoned, but does this mean the crystals are somewhat sentient, like minions? Are there souls inside the crystals?

So, in a nutshell, what do we know about Ash'ari Crystals?

Nothing. They were intended as a locking mechanism of sorts for the Baron's portion of Stratholme, and there's no lore for them besides that.

antieuclid asked:

Is there a setting that would let me hear music, npc voices, etc, but wouldn't play battle sounds/spells/etc? I've been playing with the sound off since launch because I don't like listening to fights, but I keep feeling like I'm missing out on all the music and voice acting.

NPC and combat sounds are on the same slider in sound options, so there's no way to turn NPC sounds on and leave combat ones off in the default UI. I think you might be able to do it with mods. Music, though, is its own separate slider.

johnny.ramos asked:

ive been having a little issue lately, not sure what the deal is. its happened 3 times so far. try to log in to WoW and it says my password is wrong. i then cant log into gotta change my password, then everything is fixed. has happened three times in as many weeks

You're probably being hacked and should get an authenticator and a virus/malware scanner right away.

ramsayroderick asked:

This may a be a dumb question, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway. Do you know if it's possible to request Blizz to take experience points AWAY from your toon, so you can go backwards a level or two?

You can certainly ask a GM, but they're absolutely going to say no. They don't de-level characters and never have.

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