Powertech Ultra Slim outlet expander brings USB ports to your wall outlet

There's always a few unexpected devices to be found, and we just caught a glimpse of one such device at CES Unveiled this evening from an OEM called Powertech Industries. Called the Ultra Slim, it's an outlet expander that gives any regular electrical outlet a pair of USB power sockets -- without the wiring required of more permanent solutions like FastMac's U-Socket. The Ultra Slim is just that, as it's only about half inch thick, and has a unique folding collapsible plug on the back to keep its trim figure. Its thin profile is also able to accommodate the depth of regular plugs with extending sections in the back. The adapters we saw were prototypes, though production will begin in earnest this July and Powertech plans to find a retailer willing to rebrand and sell them to the public for an as-yet-undetermined price. A full gallery of pics of the adapter awaits below.

Sean Cooper contributed to this report.