A closer look at AcerCloud (video)

Acer unveiled so much hardware this week that it's easy to forget it also teased a cloud-based storage service. In brief, AcerCloud, allows you to remotely access whatever's on your Acer laptop, even if it's asleep or in hibernation mode, and even if you're not connected to the same WiFi network. Storage is unlimited, and you can upload music, photos, videos and documents. Also, it's free.

So how does this work, if not over WiFi? Whenever possible, AcerCloud will try to create a peer-to-peer connection between your laptop and phone, but when that fails a security token inside the laptop allows the cloud service to play matchmaker between the notebook and the app, which is of course tied to your account. At launch, there will be separate mobile applications for music, photos, et cetera. It will be Android-only, though Acer reps tell us they intend to to create versions for Windows Phone and even iOS (assuming Apple approves it). They also say they're considering developing a file manager where you can access all your content, and not just music or pictures. For now, at least, the discrete apps are intuitively designed, and the best part is that you can play back media inside of them. Good news for anyone not satisfied with their Android phone's native music player.

Expect this to start rolling out in North America and China in the second quarter, followed by a worldwide release sometime in Q4. It'll also become an eventual staple on Acer PCs, including things like all-in-ones, but in the beginning it will be exclusive to Acer's Ultrabooks. Until Q2 rolls around, though, you can head past the break for a short demo of the music app. We hope you're not too sick of Lady Gaga.

Billy Steele contributed to this report.