Russia in talks for Moon base timeshare with European Space Agency, NASA

Whether or not you believe we actually put a man on the moon, there's about to be a whole gaggle of'em bouncing about the place and mucking things up in the name of Science. Taking that whole "one giant leap for mankind" motto a few baby steps further, is an in-development initiative that would see our former, space race frenemy Russia teaming up with the ESA and NASA to develop a Moon base. Citing recently discovered reservoirs of water located near the polar caps, Roscosmos chief Vladimir Popovkin believes the time is ripe to continue exploration of Earth's satellite via the installation of a settlement on its surface or an orbiting station. As with all things outer space, expect this cooperative project to take some time coming to fruition. After all, there are billions of dollars, not to mention a bevy of international egos on the line here.