Macworld | iWorld Best of Show liveblog

I'm live at the Best of Show awards, where Macworld has chosen the best products from the show (hence the name). Sorry about the lack of images, you'd basically see washed out photos of a projected image. Be sure to check out the links to each product.

3:07 Just now getting started! Up first, Boinx with iStopMotion. Florian from Boinx is doing a demo of iStopMotion. As we said back in December, it is pretty nice.

3:12 A beautiful little paper cutout animation from a kid who used iStopMotion -- really cool stuff.

3:15 PDFpen for iPad is up next from Smile. Really interesting to see how something as simple as a PDF tool (and there are several on the store) can be fresh and awesome.

PDFpen is basically Adobe Acrobat Pro for your iPad. But much, much easier to use. I just saw a signature from Photos applied to a tax document -- with transparency so it didn't block the field below! You can easily drag and drop text boxes and more. Oh, and iCloud storage. How cool is that?

There's a Mac version as well, but PDFpen looks fantastic either way.

3:20 TourWrist is up next. They call it "remote reality" -- sort of like QuickTime VR for your iPad. The authoring side of the app is really pretty nice. It uses a simple line to help you line up your images for a full panorama, better than a gyro-based solution that automatically lines them up.

3:25 The other winners:

DevMicro makes a small microphone in a cone shape that captures 6 channels of audio at once!

FileThis has a service called Fetch that will gather online docs from various financial accounts and puts them together for you.

Blue Microphones won for their Spark Digital microphone. It's a digital version of their analog mic of the same name.

i4software has a video studio app for your iPhone. It can handle multiple cameras, which is pretty amazing.

Global Delight has a product called Game Your Video, which adds effects to video (for iOS).

Ryz Media has blinQ, a remote control that uses your iPhone and adds some social sharing. Not sure how this won -- there are a bunch of apps (with hardware dongles) that do this. I'll give it a whirl and see what makes it special.

Adonit's Jot Touch won because it is the stylus that allows you to add pressure sensitivity to your iOS device. It's a cool product that will make you miss your Wacom tablet.

Lantronix won for the xPrintServer, a product that connects to your network and makes printers available for AirPrint.

3:35 And we're done! Early! Congratulations to the winners. Check out our Macworld hub for more coverage.