Samsung insults iPhone owners with Super Bowl ad touting oversized stylus phone

Samsung USA has been on the warpath against Apple fans lately with a series of ads that show bored, desperate people standing in line for Apple's next product while happy hipsters show off their Android-powered Sammy devices. During yesterday's Super Bowl, the company took the gloves off with a regionally-focused ad touting the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

The ad, estimated to cost Samsung a whopping US$10.5 million in air time alone, follows the same theme as the others in the campaign. As in the previous ads, what appear to be Apple customers are standing in line waiting for a new device when a happy Galaxy Note user wanders up and the crowd drops everything as the scales fall from their eyes and they see the error of their ways.

According to the book of Samsung, what iPhone users really want is a huge phone that uses a stylus. Yes, you read that correctly. The 5.3" Galaxy Note, in homage to the Palm Treo and a handful of Pocket PC Phones from the early 2000s, comes with a stylus that you can lose after you get Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher's autograph. Your chances of losing the stylus are probably pretty good, since most people lack pockets that are large enough to hold the Galaxy Note comfortably.

I'll leave you with this final quote from Steve Jobs: "If you see a stylus, they blew it."