The Queue: G-Men

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley (@gomatgo) will be your host for today.

I don't think I need to say anything other than the fact that it was a really good game. Sorry, Brady.

exogenesis. asked:

"I did the Love is in the Air bosses this morning - and the necks that dropped were not upgraded. Is this intentional, or a bug?"

This is intentional. Remember, the Cataclysm expansion released at the beginning of December, with Love is in the Air launching with an updated form in February 2011. At the time, these ilevel 346 necks were a huge boon to players who were still slogging through Cataclysm heroics at the opening of the expansion, some of the hardest casual content Blizzard has ever released.

Not only are these necks already updated versions of Love is in the Air items from the past, but the new justice point neck rewards are so far-and-away better than the Crown Chemical necks that you would be foolish to not just run some dungeons for the 1,250 justice points for something much better.

@mbhahn asked on Twitter:

@WoWInsider I am suffering from Event overload are you? Too many scheduled at once

No, you are not the only one suffering from event overload. The problem is that one of the lengthiest, collectiest, exploriest holidays (The Lunar Festival) happens around the same time as one of the most daily-intensive holidays (Love is in the Air), which makes for a weird world to live in. Not only are we decorated for two holidays at the same time, but there are not two large quest hubs in each capital city that send you all over the world for different reasons. Am I doing Coins of Ancestry or Love Tokens? Which have I started on yet? Do I have the bracelets I need? ... but isn't there an elder over in this zone. Not to mention all of the inventory space these holidays are taking up.

These two holidays are also so dense that for fairness and game play reasons, just to name a few, the holidays each last longer than most, with Lunar Festival clocking in at three weeks and Love is in the Air at two. So for one week out of the year, two of the biggest holidays in World of Warcraft intersect. It's just how the calendar is set up.

Vilhelm asked:

Any word yet on if the Darkmoon artifact quest items are working properly this month? I'm afraid to even try them, since last month you got locked out of the fix if you had attempted to use the broken ones.

This week, I completed all of my artifact quests, and I have done them all in the past as well. It looks like the issue was fixed, as I was experiencing it last time. Yay for bug fixes! As was stated in the comments, your progress for achievements and such may have been reverted, but it's not a huge deal for these quests especially.

Everyone who watched football asked:

Seriously, wasn't that a great game?

I think the real moment of the night that told you everything you needed to know was when Al Michaels said, "Let's just have these two teams play from now on."

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