Nokia Lumia 800 update reportedly triples battery life

Earlier this week in Refresh Roundup, we wrote of a Vodafone-branded update for the Lumia 800 with a designation of 1600.2487.8107.12070. Among the enhancements, the new software version was said to provide longer battery life -- a welcome improvement, no doubt -- but we could've never guessed the significance of the gain. The folks at WPCentral recently forced the update onto their own phones and, get this, they assert the new software has nearly tripled(!) their battery life. While our heads are still spinning at the assertion, they claim the improvements are in part due to better management of the screen's brightness and cite an approximate discharge of 70mA when idle. Meanwhile, reports in the forums of xda-developers claim that battery drain is in the neighborhood of 80mA and 90mA when idle -- not quite as stunning, but still a huge improvement in comparison to the approximate 150mA discharge with the previous version. While your mileage may vary, this latest update could prove to be a true godsend for Lumia 800 owners.