New iPad jailbroken already

"The new iPad has been jailbroken?" said Suzanne, with a merry laugh. "Why! what a droll idea! What is this Jailbreak, Monsieur?"

She looked at Sir Andrew with eager curiosity. The young man's face had become almost transfigured. His eyes shone with enthusiasm; hero-worship, love, admiration for his full root access seemed literally to glow upon his face.

"The jailbreak, Mademoiselle," he said at last "is the name of a humble iOS hack; but it is also the way to provide full access to the onboard disk and to run the best and bravest software in all the world, so that users may better succeed in accomplishing the noble task they have set himself to do."

"Ah, yes," here interposed the young Vicomte, "I have heard speak of this iPad jailbreak. A new device - third generation? - yes! They say in Cupertino that every time a new device appears that devteam sends Apple a paper with that little flower designated in red upon it."

We root it here, we root it there,
The Dev Team jailbreaks everywhere.
Is the team in heaven?-Or in hell?
That demmed, elusive Pimpernel Dev Team, well.

-- Sir Percy Blakeney