ZTE's Tango-running Mimosa gets pictured, benchmarked (update: nope)

If you thought ZTE's insatiable lust for Windows Phone handsets ended with the Tania and the Orbit, then you haven't been keeping up with the company's plan for global domination. WPDang has revealed that the ZTE Mimosa is going to occupy the same Tango-ified strata of the market as the Lumia 610. While it shares a name with Android-powered Mimosa X, it won't share specs. Apparently it's only packing an 800MHz Qualcomm CPU -- confirmed when the handset appeared in WPBench. Unfortunately our choice will remain binary: the Mimosa isn't likely to be released outside of China.

Update: Dang! Turns out there's been some misunderstanding. WPDang didn't clarify that the phone pictured is just the good old Tania; and this article was based on its sources rather than on what was displayed at the Windows Phone launch event in Beijing (we were there, too). Bearing in mind that this website's missed a few of its own "exclusives" (WP devices from Sony at CES and MWC, and new WP device from ZTE at MWC), we're inclined to not put too much hope into WPDang's latest report.