Netflix snags domain, invests in the future of optical media

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|03.30.12

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Netflix snags domain, invests in the future of optical media
Looking for a shortcut to Netflix's home on the web? Try hitting up -- it'll take you there, for now. The latest address to join the family of Netflix redirects actually brings you to a subdomain -- -- suggesting that the company could once again be planning to split its streaming and physical media services, at least from an access perspective. A shareholder letter lists the company's U.S. DVD subscriptions at 11.17 million at the end of Q4, bringing in a total of $370 million in revenue, with a profit of $194 million. Compare this to domestic streaming, which represents $476 million in revenue with a mere $52 million profit, and it's clear that the DVD rental market is still quite strong. So what could this latest domain acquisition mean for snail mail subscribers? DVD-only customers may soon have a new site to call home, with focused content and perhaps an upsell opportunity or two. At the very least, it certainly can't hurt when it comes to SEO.
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