Microsoft applies for low-powered interactive second display system patent

Oh patent applications... where creative ideas dance shoulder to shoulder with ill-conceived folly. Which do we have here today? We're not sure. What we are sure of, however, is that someone at Microsoft has applied for a patent that describes a device with two screens. Not that old chestnut, but the second screen being of lower-power, like e-ink, and displaying different information based on the state of the first one (i.e. is it against your face or not.) The not-to-be-trusted images illustrate the second screen covering the back of a device and displaying a clock, or other such user specified info. The app does state that it would continue to display info, even if the device was in a sleep mode, and describes a non-flat contour. If you were to read into it, it might sound like rear e-ink phone housing, but if this ever comes to pass, it'll likely be with a little bit of dressing down, so don't get too excited.