Samsung applies for patent on emotional recognition, wants to feel out how you're feeling

Samsung might not give off the immediate impression of a warm, fuzzy company, as it really comes off more like a faceless device-manufacturing juggernaut, but that doesn't stop it trying to get a handle on what people are feeling. According to a recent patent application, the company is putting together a method of recognizing the emotions of an individual based on action units (AUs). And what exactly are those? They're components of a facial action coding system: something designed to reference the contractions of facial muscles. With a total of 30 units, several AUs combine to form a string (shown above) that's then detected by some unmentioned Samsung tech and matched to an emotion label that best fits the string. Hardware-wise, it's relatively vague -- par for the course with patent applications -- but would require a processor and memory, with no mention of a camera sensor to capture all that facial gurning. Samsung's keeping up its emotional patent armor up for now, but you can flirt with an outline of its thoughts at the source below.