CCP launching EVE Online drop pod into the stratosphere tomorrow

Not bad!

EVE Online players are well-accustomed to flitting about the depths of space in internet spaceships, but tomorrow, CCP Games will be taking its first jaunt into real-life space with the launch of a high-altitude balloon from just north of CCP headquarters.

The balloon will carry a replica EVE pod (pictured above) containing the names of EVE Online players high into Earth's stratosphere before landing (hopefully) in the middle of Kleifarvatn, a lake on the Rekhjanes peninsula in Iceland. Iceland Telecom will be providing a live video feed and GPS tracking of the balloon, and three HD cameras aboard the balloon will allow fans to view the entirety of the balloon's journey after the pod is recovered (by the Icelandic Coast Guard, no less). For the full details and links to the live video stream and GPS tracking, just head on over to the official announcement at EVE Insider.