Samsung clarifies camera production shift, confirms commitment to point-and-shoot models

We've heard reports that Samsung has shifted focus at some of its camera manufacturing facilities away from point-and-shoot cameras with the objective of ramping up production of its compact mirrorless models. And while this move implies that the company's pocketable compacts could be doomed, that's simply not the case. We spoke with Reid Sullivan, Samsung's Senior Vice President of Mobile Entertainment, who reinforced the company's continuing commitment to developing and manufacturing point-and-shoot models -- in short, pocketable cameras remain a focus for the company, which simply made manufacturing adjustments to accommodate an anticipated increase in demand for recently-launched NX20, NX210 and NX1000. Point-and-shoots, for better or worse, are here to stay, and Sullivan explained that while we're unlikely to see new sub-$100 cameras make their debut, there's plenty in the works on the SMART front, with new launches in store for upcoming events like Photokina and CES. Whether there will continue to be demand for point-and-shoots remains to be seen, and while consumers are clearly turning to smartphones for casual shooting, Samsung appears to be in no hurry to abandon the point-and-shoot form-factor.