Sonos' wireless Sub adds extra thump to your Sonos system for $700 (ears-on)

Although we generally raved about the performance of Sonos' Play:3 wireless HiFi speakers, one of our chief complaints rested in their slightly muddy bass output. Folks who've felt similarly should be pleased to know that the company has unveiled its first subwoofer, dubbed Sonos Sub. This $700 bass-dropper works wirelessly with your existing Sonos speakers, requiring a quick a setup within the app to ensure it's in-phase and putting out an adequate level of volume. You'll only find a single cable and switch for power on the outside, while looking through its center reveals a duo of "force-cancelling" drivers. Two internal air-ports also flow from top to bottom to aid in the unit's bass reproduction.

We gave a pre-production unit a very brief listen with a stereo array of Sonos Play:3s and came out fairly impressed. The speakers are no slouches on their own, but there's no denying the extra power a sub can add to the HiFi boxes. Measuring in at 15.8 x 6.2 x 15 inches (402 x 158 x 380mm) the Sub dwarf's even the larger Play:5, but a Sonos rep let us know it ensures it'll cover a range of spaces -- not mention folks using the Connect:Amp with their own HiFi speakers (Sonos' Connect, ZP90 and ZP80 aren't compatible, however). We got pleasing results from our unit planted on a table a few feet away from any walls, and the system didn't show any signs or shaking or rattling. The Sub can thankfully rest sideways for placement under some couches, but you'll likely want to "set it and forget it" since it weighs about 36 pounds. Our only displeasure rests in the glossy finish -- a magnet for fingerprints and dust -- but we're told a non-gloss version will be offered later for $100 less. You'll be able to pick up this wub-maker come June 19, so check out the video and press release after the break for more info in the meantime. %Gallery-155914%

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Insert your Press Release here! INTRODUCING SONOS SUB:

Fill any room with deep, clear HiFi bass
Wireless, one-button setup
Seamlessly integrates with the Sonos System
Place it anywhere in a room-even lying flat under a couch or bed

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – May 22, 2012 – Sonos, Inc., the leading manufacturer of wireless music systems, today introduced the HYPERLINK "" Sonos SUB, a stunningly designed wireless subwoofer that takes the whole Sonos Wireless HiFi System one seismic step closer to the spine-curling, jaw-dropping, full body experience music was meant to be. SUB will be available beginning June 19th. For a preview video of SUB, visit the Sonos Blog.

"Like all of our products, our new SUB is designed from the inside out by Sonos," says John MacFarlane, CEO, Sonos, Inc. "SUB has all the hallmarks of a great Sonos product: Clear, deep, all-digital sound, an incredibly simple setup, and beautiful design you'll be proud to show off in your home."

Whether you're listening to Beethoven's thunderous 5th or the pounding bass line of the latest four-on-the-floor obsession, the new SUB will fill any room with thick layers of bottomless sound that let you hear and feel the weight of every chord, kick, splash and roll.

Place it anywhere in a room, plug it into a power source, press a button and follow some simple prompts on your controller. The SUB wirelessly connects with your other Sonos components for an optimized, whole-room listening experience. Within minutes of taking it out of the box, you won't just hear the difference SUB makes-you'll feel it with every bone in your body.

Whether the unit is standing up or lying down, the SUB's unique design and smart wireless signal allows you to place it anywhere you want in the room-even lying flat under a couch or bed-without any loss in sound or performance.

And just like every other Sonos component, you can control the SUB from your computer, smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is download the free Sonos Controller apps for HYPERLINK "" Android, HYPERLINK "" iPad, HYPERLINK "" iPhone, HYPERLINK "" Mac or PC.

The SUB works with all Sonos amplified components: CONNECT:AMP/ZonePlayer 120/ZonePlayer 100; PLAY:5; PLAY:3. It does not work with the non-amplified Sonos CONNECT/ZP90/ZP80.

The SUB launches in mid-June and will be available in a high-gloss black lacquer finish for $699 USD ($749 CAD, $899 AUD, €699 EU, and £599 UK). A black matte finish will be available in October at $599 USD ($649 CAD, $799 AUD, €599 EU, and £499 UK).

Features of the Sonos SUB include:
Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face: All the sound and energy from the music comes through loud and clear, and none of it is lost in cabinet buzz or rattle.
All digital sound: All filter settings, active equalization and time alignment are done digitally through state-of-the-art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) circuitry for zero-loss audio quality and energy.
Dual acoustic ports: Tuned to maximize the acoustic volume of the SUB and enhance bass resonance.

Powering the SUB are two state of the art Class-D digital amplifiers that have been perfectly tuned to match the speakers and acoustic architecture. The cabinet is made from proprietary resin to create acoustically dead walls with maximum internal air volume. The SUB's specific dimensions are 15.8 x 6.2 x 15in. (402 x 158 x 380mm) with a weight of 36.3 lbs (16kgs). Full SUB specifications, details and a video can be found at

To find out more about Sonos or to locate an authorized Sonos dealer in your area, please visit or call 877.80.SONOS.