A different shade of Galaxy S III spotted in Germany (video)

While Europeans earnestly wait for their pre-ordered pebble blue superphones to appear, a hands-on video from Germany is purportedly showing us a darker, grayer version of Samsung's Galaxy S III. While the skeptic in us would say it's just a lighting issue, the back cover looks perceptibly different to the blue-hued slab we spent time with during its big reveal. It looks almost monochromatic -- and even shinier, if that's possible. The color borders on gun-metal gray and we have to admit, we're already a little smitten. Samsung's had issues bringing the blueish hue to the masses, so this could turn out to be the new non-white color option. Black and white is a bit played out, so our fingers are crossed that we'll get to have our pebble-colored cake and eat it. Check out the possible new look in a hands-on video after the break -- and bring on the hot pink option.