Android Jelly Bean revealed as version 4.1 on Galaxy Nexus checkout page

We have yet to get any confirmation from Mountain View, but it looks like Jelly Bean just got a touch more official. The as-yet-unannounced Android OS was outed as version 4.1 on the Galaxy Nexus Google Wallet checkout page. 4.1 does in fact make Jelly Bean a more incremental update than the potentially more significant Ice Cream Sandwich, from a classification perspective, at least. The operating system also, based on the checkout page above, will be coming to the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version first -- which handsets will follow is yet to be seen. This could very well be a typo on the Wallet checkout page, but it's more likely to be an un-approved slip, giving us just a hint of sugar ahead of an official Google reveal. Though a (presumably) Jelly Bean homescreen in the checkout thumb does go a bit further to legitimize the above -- you'll find that screenshot after the break.

[Thanks, Fred]

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