Distro Issue 46 arrives with the Retina-wielding MacBook Pro, Microsoft events and Minority Report

Now that it's officially summertime, you're going to need some options for that annual reading list. As you plot your escape from the season's rising temps, allow us to offer a cool copy of our weekly for your browsing pursuits. Since it first broke cover at WWDC, we've had time to put the MacBook Pro with Retina display through its paces and our detailed findings snagged top billing this week. Also on the review front, we take a long look at both the latest MacBook Air and the ultra-convertible ASUS Padfone. In this week's feature, our own Donald Melanson takes a look back at the futuristic tech of Minority Report for the film's 10th anniversary. As you might've heard, Microsoft hosted two events of its own this week. Being the tech-minded folk that we are, we offer thoughts from our editors on the Surface tablets and the 'sneak peek' at Windows Phone 8 from a few days back. Don't worry, we'll give you a closer look and a few impressions of the aforementioned slates as well in "Hands-on." Grab those flip-flops and snag yourself a spot in the shade, because this week's e-magazine is a short download away.

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