Jolla startup receives MeeGo patents, nod of encouragement from Nokia (update: only partially true)

We already know that the MeeGo splinter group, Jolla, is following a slightly different path to what we've known and loved on the N9, but don't fear: there's every chance that the smartest features from the original OS will be retained, not least because Nokia has just given the startup a gift-wrapped bundle of patents. Jolla founder Jussi Hurmola mentioned the altruistic gesture in an interview with ItViikko, and although he didn't specify exactly which patents have been transferred, his warm words towards his former employer -- with whom he said he enjoyed a "good and open relationship" -- give us a strong hint as to their value.

Update: We've seen comments on a number of forums saying that ItViiko's mention of the patents is unconfirmed speculation, so we're reaching out to Nokia for further clarification.

Update: Apologies all. Turns out the source article wasn't quite accurate in its description of patents being given to departing employees. Nokia tells us it's supporting Jolla through an incubator program called Bridge, but it has not actually given over patents to any of the Bridge startups.