LG 84-inch 'ultra definition' 4K HDTV going on sale in limited quantities in Korea

It looks like LG is actually going to sell that sweet 84-inch ultra-definition TV we saw at CES. With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (UHDTV) it will maintain a full 1080p picture for 3D movies even with LG's FPR Cinema 3D passive glasses technology, and also includes the standard suite of Smart TV features. Of course, the launch is quite predictable, considering there's no way LG could let Korean rival Samsung rule the roost with its 75-inch ES9000 that's on the way. While we'll wait for an English language PR for all the details on the 84LM9600, native speakers can scrounge some won together and hit the source link below for more information.

Update: We've checked with LG and confirmed that this LCD has a price of 25 million won ($21,925 US) for anyone preordering the 84 units that will be on sale for the first month, and it has a 2.2 channel "3D sound" system. It's only going to be available in Korea for now, so lining up outside your local big box store might be going a step or two too far, for now -- that 4K content isn't really available yet could be another reason.