Next-generation Xiaomi Phone rumored to house quad-core processor, 720p display

Following last year's launch of its potent, price-savvy Android smartphone, Xiaomi is already purportedly crafting its even more powerful successor. Alongside a bundle of blurry cam images, leaks from within factories making the next iteration say that it'll pack a 720p screen, one of Qualcomm's quad-core processors and a dual-flash setup alongside the camera. There's still the curious absence of a front-facing camera, but this should to help ensure the phone lands with a price tag just as attractive as Xiaomi's last device. While rival manufacturer Meizu priced its latest quad-core phone at around $480, the Foxconn-based moles reckon this next-generation (likely MIUI-powered) slab could land at just over of $300. If all these rumors (and that price) have piqued your interest, you can head on the source for a handful of extra images.