Pantech P9090 Magnus swings by FCC with AT&T LTE

Despite cranking out plenty of high-end devices in Asia, Pantech has built itself a reputation in the US as a budget OEM -- but continues to improve its products regardless. Having already proven its ability to crank out LTE phones on the cheap with the Burst, it appears ready to follow up with another phone on AT&T's next-gen network, as evidenced by documents released by the FCC this afternoon. This particular handset, dubbed the Magnus on its WiFi certification paperwork, sports quad-band LTE (700 / 850 / 1700 / 1900), a radio combo that's starting to be quite the trend for AT&T-bound phones recently -- likely done to ensure the GSM carrier's refarming efforts go as smoothly as possible. The federal docs also reveal the presence of NFC (suggesting this will come with Android 4.x included), and Bluetooth certification tells us we can also expect it to offer the 4.0 standard. The paperwork is fuzzy on more details, but we hope its arrival is just around the corner.