RIM accidentally leaks BlackBerry Bold 9730, leaves a lot to the imagination (Update: it was a typo)

You might remember that BlackBerry Curve 9320 as one of RIM's worst kept secrets of all time, and now it appears we could be heading in the same shaky direction with the Canadian company's unannounced Bold 9730. According to N4BB, the Waterloo-based outfit briefly listed the device on its App World Vendor Portal, but unfortunately there's not too much to dig into, as the listing doesn't reveal specs or any other juicy information to give us a better idea of what we can expect from this intrepid handset. N4BB does think BlackBerry's 9730 could just be a CDMA variant of the Bold 9790, though we'll have to hold off on any assumptions until we have something more concrete.

Update: N4BB has updated its post after getting a response from RIM indicating that this was "simply an error on their part." Satisfied? We're not, yet, so we've contacted RIM for a statement.

Update 2: We've heard back from RIM and the company's told us this was nothing but a "typo gone viral," as the listing was supposed to be for a BlackBerry Curve 9370.