Premium Collection hot shoe covers are cufflinks for your cam, let you dazzle up that DSLR

You love the focus speed, image quality is top-notch and even videos turn out just as expected -- still, there's something missing with your latest DSLR, though it's just a tad hard to place. What your camera needs is some bona fide bling. Not using that hot shoe for a flash or EVF? It's time to tuck in a beautiful raised floral cover, elegantly outfitted in a shiny silver finish. It's sure to stand out against the contrast of an all-black body, though it'll feel equally at home on your silver Leica. Designed by Jay Tsujimura in Tokyo, Premium Collection includes matching hot shoe and shutter release covers, letting your camera stay coordinated just like your cuffs. They're priced to fly off store shelves at a mere ¥24,150 (about $300) each -- get an up-close look in our gallery and at the source link below.%Gallery-162718%