Hulu launches redesigned site with bigger artwork, 'tray-style format' of suggested shows

Hulu has been pushing tweaks to its UI on mobile devices and the web for several months, and now it's unleashed a complete redesign of its website. Designed with a focus on making it easier to find preferred content, it features bigger artwork that highlights new programming and a "tray-style" UI that lets you flip through queues of similar content curated by its team of editors. Navigation has been tweaked with a browse function to jump from category to category including what's popular, what's new, or any other filter and an upgraded search bar that lets you immediately play matching content. Finally, the show pages themselves have been refreshed, making it easier to jump directly into the most recently watched episode of a series. There's a few screen grabs of the new experience in the gallery below, plus a video preview embedded after the break, but it's probably easiest to hit the source link and check out the new site for yourself.