PAX Prime 2012: SMITE

SMITE's Ao Kuang

The battle of the gods rages on at PAX Prime 2012 with Hi-Rez's upcoming MOBA title, SMITE. Not much has changed since the last time we saw the game at PAX East, but as the game draws ever-closer to launch, MOBA fans have quite a bit to be excited about. The game has added a few new gods since the last time we saw it (this time around I had the pleasure of playing as the Chinese dragon Ao Kuang), and according to Hi-Rez's COO Todd Harris, the studio is aiming to incorporate at least 30 deities prior to launch.

On the topic of launch, Harris states that Hi-Rez is aiming for a first-quarter 2013 release (perhaps around February), though that date is by no means final. Regardless, MOBA players looking for a fun, frenetic, and accessible new title should keep their eye on the mythology-laden game as it continues to add more playable gods in the run-up to launch. And don't forget that you can register to participate in the game's beta right now by heading over to the SMITE official site.

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