LG's LS860 'Cayenne' visits the FCC, flaunts Sprint LTE bands

After making the rounds with Mr. Blurry Cam, Sprint's rumored LG LS860 'Cayenne' handset has taken a breather from its photo tour and made a stop at the FCC. The federal filing reveals that the smartphone uses LTE bands tailored for the Now Network (CDMA 850 / 1900; LTE Band 25) and totes NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, SVLTE (simultaneous voice and data) and the usual suspects of WiFi b/g/n and GPS. If other details previously gleaned from the grapevine hold true, the mobile will be powered by a flavor of Android 4.0, pack a 4-inch WVGA screen and a 1.2GHz dual-core S4 processor. There's no word from LG or Big Yellow about the phone's official debut, but its FCC appearance means that it could soon show up packaged and properly photographed in the US.