New York bookshop launches rescue mission to digitize out-of-print sci-fi titles

Singularity & Co aims to rescue near-extinct 20th century sci-fi titles to ensure they still exist in the next one. Established from a Kickstarter campaign, the small team has already digitized and published A Plunge Into Space and The Torch, both with new cover art, while its third title required a thousand-mile journey to scan its contents from a university archive. While Mr. Stranger's Sealed Packet is out of copyright, many education establishments weren't willing to let anyone scan its edition of such rare books. Talking to Ars Technica, Ash Kalb added: "If you're part of that university or that consortium then you have access to that book. If you don't then you don't." The republishing group, which ensures it doesn't tread on any existing copyright toes, also offers up a better deal to authors and author estates, in addition to reviving interest in long-gone books. Singularity and Co's now opened its bricks-and-mortar doors in Brooklyn, or you grab more details and updates on their progress at the source below.