C Spire, regional carriers join the iPhone 5 deluge on September 28th

Don't worry about Cricket hogging the spotlight during the second wave of the iPhone 5's US launch. C Spire, Appalachian Wireless and Alaska's GCI have also promised to carry Apple's taller smartphone on the same September 28th date. Details of the arrival will have to wait, although they're not likely to veer sharply from the prices and rates that carriers were setting back in the iPhone 4S days. There are a few gaps in the narrative versus the earlier releases: we have yet to see news from GCI's Alaskan neighbors as well as Cellcom or nTelos, for example. The plan is nonetheless a sign that Apple wants to blanket the American landscape with new iPhones as quickly as possible.

[Thanks, Colby]

Update: Not surprisingly, nTelos has also confirmed (PDF) that it's hopping aboard the September 28th iPhone 5 train.