The Nook Simple Touch can run a Genesis emulator, but should it?

There we were, thinking touch-based versions of gaming classics were a bad idea on a device intended for gaming -- and then we saw Sonic the Hedgehog 2 running on a Nook Simple Touch. YouTube user "ndncnbvcuyuys" rooted his touch-based Barnes & Noble e-reader, installed the Android 2.1 OS on it, and hooked up a Sega Genesis emulator. The results are not what we'd call "ideal," but as the hacker says, "It is playable." Sure, technically speaking, the on-screen virtual buttons allow interaction with Sonic and his buddy Tails, but whether it's any fun at all is another question altogether. "ndncnbvcuyuys" seems to have a penchant for the impossibly fast games on touch-based e-readers, as he got PlayStation 1's WipeOut running on the Nook Simple Touch just a few weeks back. Might we suggest a PlayStation Vita instead?

[Thanks, Ron]