Huawei's Windows Phone 8 handset outed as Ascend W1, supposed launch window surfaces

HTC, Nokia and Samsung have each showcased their initial volley of Windows Phone 8 handsets, but Huawei has yet to reveal the Ascend hardware it promised would run Microsoft's smartphone OS. The firm's Richard Yu took to the social network Sina Weibo and outed the device as the Ascend W1 earlier this week, but kept other specifics under wraps. Citing sources from within the company, Chinese language outlet Winp is now claiming that the W1 will ship between November and December, carry a price tag of 2,000 RMB ($317) and arrive in black, blue, pink and white hues. Though a September 25th unveiling is also rumored, Yu mentioned that Huawei will make it a habit of launching phones as they're unveiled, so it may be a while before the curtain is fully pulled back if the November / December window is correct.

Update: According to ZDNet, a company spokesman confirmed that no event is scheduled for September 25th.