SMITE rolls out a video for Ares

I was expecting Dionysius, myself.  Maybe Demeter.

Interested in the deities of SMITE? You'll be quite happy to know that the game has put out a new video revealing one of the game's many heroes. In a stunning move that should shock nearly no one, one of the heroes available for play in this game of warring gods is Ares, the Greek god of war. And while almost any student of mythology could give you a brief rundown of who Ares represents (people who like war), the video goes into depth about Ares' abilities and combat roles.

Ares in SMITE is meant as a melee magical tank. His abilities allow him to chain other gods for continual damage and increased movement speed, bolster the defenses of himself and nearby allies, and breathes fire from his shield to cut down high-health targets. At the apex of his power, Ares can pull several enemies together to him while dealing extensive damage. Take a look past the cut to see a full rundown of his skills as well as some demonstrations of their tactical execution.