Evernote 5 for iOS coming soon: new UI, revised places view, same inability to forget (video)

Evernote? More like ever tease. Just this week it was tempting badly organized Mac owners with a beta release of Evernote 5, now the team is back to dangle its 5th version for iOS in front of our noses. The theme here is speed, with the new design putting everything just two taps away -- along with quick note buttons right on the home screen. The places view also gets a lick of paint, to help you better pin down those moments of inspiration (or panicked remembering). Other tweaks include a new "recent notes" bar, and -- generously -- easier access to premium features. Ironically, the creators forgot to give us a release date, leaving us only with "coming very soon" for reassurance. While you wait, however, why not watch the preview video after the break for solace.