Matrix One gets delayed at customs, manufacturer suspends new orders of $90 tablet

In early August, we reported that the Matrix One $90 tablet was finally available for sale, but it now seems that the celebration was a bit pre-mature. Anyone who might've ordered the bargain bin slate must now wait for the company to move through a mess of red tape, as Matrix One has revealed that all of its shipments have been delayed at customs. While the company hasn't given any specific reason for the holdup, it's since suspended the ordering process as it waits for the current shipments to clear. For its part, Matrix One states that it's diligently working toward a resolution and promises to provide further updates as they become available. If you're concerned about your order, feel free to hit up the company directly. You'll find everything you need in Matrix One's full statement after the break.

[Thanks, Michael]

Statement from Matrix One

Unfortunately, all of our shipments have been delayed due to an issue with customs. We are actively working on a resolution so that you can receive your product in a timely manner. We understand that this is an inconvenience to some, and rest assured that we are working very diligently on a resolution. We will update you on the status of your order as soon as we know something.

Due to the situation that has occurred, we have temporarily suspended new orders being placed at this time. We will start accepting new orders once this issue has been resolved.

If you have any other questions about your order, please email

If you have any support inquiries, please email

- The Matrix One Team