Bloomberg's App Portal brings its financial market terminals into the app store age

Monitoring financial data and trading stocks in the big leagues often means using a locked down Bloomberg terminal pre-loaded with sanctioned software, but now the platform has caught the app store bug. Starting today, stock market buffs will be able to purchase apps on the Bloomberg App Portal, which underwent more than a year of testing and has software from over 40 developers. As for revenue, Bloomberg's taken a page from Apple's book and will keep 30 percent of earnings made from sales on its storefront. Since a single console sets customers back $20,000 each year according to the Financial Times, we imagine $0.99 apps will be few and far between. It's unlikely that Rovio is going to barge into this app marketplace, so day traders will probably be busy playing stocks instead of Angry Birds.

[Image credit: Perpetualtourist2000, Flickr]