Google adds Drive integration to new Gmail composer, ups attachment limit to 10 gigs

If you've used Gmail to send attachments, chances are you've hit that 25MB limit once or twice. Beginning today, Google is rolling out a new Drive integration feature, letting you insert files that you already have in the cloud, effectively boosting the limit 400 fold to 10 gigs. The feature isn't available to everyone just yet, but if you're using the new composer tool and see the Drive logo in the bottom toolbar, you should be good to go. Simply click the icon and choose your file -- if the intended recipient doesn't already have access, you'll be prompted to give them the nod. And, because the file is already stored in the cloud, any changes you make after the message goes out will be visible to your recipient, effectively letting you tweak that presentation or term paper after the submission deadline has passed. You'll find the full scoop at the source link below.

[Thanks, Kate]