Fujitsu's Wandant dog pedometer tracks your pet's moves, uploads them to the cloud

There's a whole host of techy tools that will let you log your 10k personal best, and break down your splits into minute detail, but what about poor old Rover? Fujistu spotted this gap, and created Wandant -- a sensor-laden neck tag for dogs complete with cloud-based service for tracking your pooch's wellbeing. The hardware will log your pet's footsteps, amount of shivering plus temperature change, and upload it automatically via your smartphone or PC. The software will present you these data over time, with the option of manually inputting further details such as food amount, a diary with photos and -- for those with stronger constitutions -- stool condition. Like human-focused equivalents, there will also be provisions for sharing your dog's efforts, but thankfully only with vets and research institutions. There's no details on hardware pricing just yet, but the online component is free for the first year (JPY 420 / about $5 per month there after). Money no object for your mutt? Sadly only available in Japan for the time being, so you'll need to include a return ticket in that splurge too.