Make text more legible on iPad mini

While the iPad mini is smaller, lighter and cuter than the regular 9.7-inch version, some people find text on the smaller screen to be hard to read. Some apps -- Kindle, Instapaper, iBooks and more -- have their own controls for making text larger, but what do you do for those built-in iOS apps? Macworld's Lex Friedman supplied an easy solution to the mini's small text problem today that we're passing along to you.

Pick up that iPad mini, fire up the Settings app, then tap on General > Accessibility. You'll find a button that says "Large Text" on it. Tap it, and select a font size from one of the many that are displayed. Once this is accomplished, text in apps like Messages, Notes, Mail and Contacts are all much easier to read in the larger font size.

Friedman warns that this doesn't work in all iOS apps, of course. For example, Apple's Calendar app still displays text in the usual tiny font, and many third-party apps ignore the accessibility settings anyway.

There's one more thing you can do to read those tiny letters on your iPad mini screen -- use the handy reverse-pinch gesture to magnify the text. While that's only a temporary solution, it may make it possible to read that message from your girlfriend and figure out if it says "I'm leaving you" or "I'm loving you"...