Samsung product page confirms Galaxy Camera coming to Verizon LTE

Well, it was all but confirmed at Photokina, but the release of AT&T's HSPA+ Galaxy Camera threw a few doubts our way. Still, it looks like an LTE version of Samsung's Jelly Bean shooter will be in fact making its way stateside, landing on Verizon's 4G network no less. From a quick glance at the EK-GC120's spec sheet, most of the features seem to be in line with the global variant, with an obvious exception in the network field -- this flavor lists only 700 MHz compatibility, so you might have some trouble hooking up overseas.

Pricing and availability info is still up in the air (the "Shop" link currently lands us at a 404), but we've reached out to Verizon and Samsung for those still-pending deets, and we'll pass along the good word as soon as it hits our inbox. For now, at least you can rest assured that the most compelling Android-powered shooter will be getting an LTE boost, so if you're currently in line to snag that lesser-equipped AT&T variant, you might want to step aside and wait for the 16-megapixel shooter to hit Big Red.

Update: Just moments after our post went live, Samsung pulled the product page. The specifications list is still active though (for now), so if you want to sneak a peek at the official sheet, you can hit up that respective source link below.