So this is how it ends: DARPA demos a flying drone with a 6-foot claw (video)

While we're well aware that robots will prove our undoing, we didn't expect DARPA to make it so... easy. It just demonstrated and helped fund the MLB Company's V-Bat, a testbed UAV that can fly or hover while brandishing a 6-foot claw. Yes, we know what you're thinking. Officially, there's an innocuous reason for the giant arm: a stereo vision system, in tandem with GPS, lets the robot precisely deliver one-pound payloads with the kind of reach that us fleshy anthropods wouldn't have. We're not quite so comforted after realizing that the robot can find its target without human input, however. DARPA sees the V-Bat as a stepping stone towards more autonomous vehicles, and it likely has noble intentions at heart. If V-Bat's descendants ultimately decide that humans are the payload, though, we'll know exactly who to blame.