Buzzed Buzzer helps you become even more annoying while drunk

Sure, we see plenty of specialized technology, day in and day out, but few of these modern movels target an often overlooked segment of the population: the incredibly drunk. Thankfully, Tyler DeAngelo, he of Fifth Avenue Frogger and Check 'N Chew, is on the case, teaming up Sacha De'Angeli to bring the world Buzzed Buzzer -- just in time for New Year's. The hack uses a standard New Year's party horn, a small micro controller and a breathalyzer alcohol sensor to create a party noise maker that only works when the user has imbibed a sufficient quantity of booze. There's a not particularly informative video after the break, but if you really want in on the action, consult the source link below for a full list of instructions, so you can be the loudest drunk at the party. And yeah, if the buzzer works for you, please refrain from blowing it at your designated driver.