Samsung Smart Tango Corner Clean robotic vacuum hits Flickr ahead of CES launch

There's no doubt that Samsung's holding its juiciest bits for the stage in Vegas, but the company has been letting a few items slip on by, with an update to its robotic vacuum line representing the latest pre-CES tease. The Smart Tango Corner Clean maintains a traditional circular design, but includes the "world's very first pop-out brush," which enables the bot to whip debris out of corners and otherwise inaccessible spots along its mapped-out path. On the navigation front, the new cleaner appears to include Samsung's camera-equipped Visionary Mapping System, with a front-mounted lens. There's also a built-in LCD for programming and error code readouts, along with a handful of controls on the top and a standard removable dust bin in the rear. There's no hint of pricing or availability -- or even a model number to speak of -- but if you're in the market for an autonomous vac, you might as well hold out on your purchase for one more week.